Design Education

Dozentin Universität der Künste

Seminar ‚Human Centered Innovation‘

I’m teaching the Seminars ‚Human Centered Innovation‘ in the faculty ‚Gesellschaft- und Wirtschaftskommunikation‘ at the University of Arts Berlin in the 3th year of bachelor studies.

Quinoa School

I work as an freelance art teacher and design thinking workshop facilitator for the Quinoa Gesamtschule in Berlin-Wedding. The projects for grades 7 to 10 are based in the field of new media education, conveying the maker mindset and enhancing team work.

Exemplary projects:

Stop Motion Movies

In teams of 5 the students worked on different stop motion movies on the topic ‚crazy school life‘.  From scriptwriting to acting and filming to editing I guided them through a whole film making cycle which ended with a little price giving ceremony.

Design of School Furniture

By going through the design thinking method the students worked on designing new school furniture according to their classmates‘ needs. They went from understanding the challenges of school furniture through idea creation to building cardboard prototypes which were exhibited to other students.

Fashion Design

The students worked on designing fashion for different situations in varying frameworks, like functionality for certain jobs. By using the design thinking methodology they created drafts for clothes that they later converted into real size paper designs. The project ended with a fashion photo shoot where they presented their results.

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